Infertility Christmas

A letter to the strong women in the midst of an incredibly hard, yet conquerable infertility journey during Christmas.

Dear Infertility Warrior,

Not being pregnant at Christmas when it seems like everyone around you is – and you were hoping you would be too – sucks. A few months ago, you secretly thought about the outfit you could wear on Christmas Eve that would accentuate your tiny bump. You didn’t book that skiing trip because skiing in your second trimester would be too dangerous. You didn’t join your colleagues to drink mulled wine and eggnog because maybe, just maybe, there was a tiny embryo inside of you.

If this is something you can relate to, please go to your closet and pick out your most sparkly outfit. Wear it either to a Christmas party, Christmas Eve dinner, or to seduce your man for a round of hot, non-pregnancy related Christmas sex. Why? Because you are awesome just the way you are, and that needs to be celebrated.

You may think: Celebrating when you’re not pregnant? When everything you want right now seems out of reach, out of your hands? When you feel you’re doing everything right, and this one thing you want more than anythingstill isn’t happening?

Yes. Not despite it, but because of it. Not having things fully under control can sometimes help change our perspective, and that can be quite liberating. It can free you from old beliefs and make way for something new.

Oh, and don’t forget to wear that pair of high heel stiletto pumps. Because next year, when you’re pregnant, no way your swollen feet will fit into them.


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