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In a world witnessing a surge in infertility rates, our vision is to bridge the gap between OB-GYNs and Reproductive Endocrinologists, shifting the paradigm from fragmented care to a unified approach.

Empowering experts, building families

In today’s world, 1 in 6 couples struggle with infertility, often turning to OB-GYNs for help. Yet, many OB-GYNs lack the expertise to diagnose fertility issues, leading to overwhelmed fertility clinics and delayed treatment. LEVY Health steps in with innovative software, empowering OB-GYNs to accurately diagnose endocrine disorders and guide patients, reducing the burden on clinics. This means couples get the right care faster, while clinics see more prepared patients from the outset. By uniting fragmented care, we empower OB-GYNs, reduce fertility clinic burden while ensuring better access to treatment and more happy families.

Fertility Care, Reimagined

Our software harnesses the power of Intelligence Amplification (IA) to help providers deliver exceptional care effortlessly. With millions of decision-trees, our algorithms seamlessly combine and analyze patient data and lab results, providing clear insights, diagnoses, and treatment recommendations, simplifying the fertility journey for providers and patients alike.

Through automated patient triaging, we ensure timely access to the right providers for treatment, saving patients valuable time on the fertility journey. This not only enhances care delivery but also ensures patients receive the right care at the right time, leading to superior outcomes.

Our Team

We are a purpose-driven team, united by a belief in collaboration and a commitment to making a meaningful impact. We believe our strength lies in empowering our customers through our software to excel in their roles, allowing them to provide the best care possible. Together, we're dedicated to accelerate diagnoses in women's health and reduce time to treatment. All for better, streamlined care.

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Caroline Mitterdorfer


Silvia Hecher


Theresa Vilsmaier


Johanna Strutzenberger


Lena J. Jäkel

Head of marketing

Catherine Carlson

Director of Partnerships

Shweta Gohil

Director of Healthcare Strategy

Abrie Coetze

Head of product

Scott England


Chris Barker


Ria Anabeza

Customer Success Manager

Momina Zulfiqar

Product Designer

Our Working Values

Aim for growth

We embrace challenges, set our sights on ambitious goals, and foster growth by focusing on crucial details.

User centric simplicity

We decode complexities, bridging gaps with elegant solutions that communicate effortlessly. Our compass is design, ensuring every interaction speaks the language of simplicity.

Entrepreneurial Drive

We live by a hands-on approach, proactively navigating both team dynamics and the market. Taking ownership and demonstrating unwavering commitment, we embody the essence of entrepreneurial spirit, driving our success.

Unified Strength

We turn big goals into shared achievements. In our space, respect, care, and trust weave a tight-knit fabric, making teamwork not just a strategy but our intrinsic strength.

"LEVY Health is truly breaking down barriers to care: What sets LEVY Health apart is their unique B2B approach, targeting clinicians and payors: a clinical decision support software interacting with patients AND physicians. Preparing patients for treatment is quick and seamless, yet personalized and engaging.”

Serena H. Chen, MD

Director Reproductive Medicine
IRMS Institute for Reproductive Medicine

"LEVY's groundbreaking software creates a virtual workup with powerful diagnostic tools for patients experiencing infertility, simultaneously empowering OB/GYNs to offer more treatments themselves while streamlining processes at fertility clinics. At the core of the service are the patients, who receive recommendations tailored to medical history and circumstance."

Cynthia Hudson

VP Clinical Strategy at TMRW Life Sciences

LEVY Health’s software is a rapid way for OB-GYNs to diagnose the underlying cause of female infertility. The interface is easy to use, interactive and most importantly helps physicians save time so they can focus more on treatment. Ultimately through LEVY Health we can help more women achieve pregnancies.”

Nina Resetkova, MD, MBA

Reproductive Endocrinologist at Boston IVF

"Innovative and collaborative, LEVY Health integrates OB-GYNs into the spectrum of reproductive care. With their comprehensive fertility analysis, they facilitate early referrals to specialists or empower them to actively contribute to treatment, ensuring a cohesive and patient-focused care experience."

Alexander Quaas

Lead physician Shady Grove Fertility

Our advisory board

LEVY Health brings together doctors, key opinion leaders and innovators in reproductive medicine, who believe in a unified pathway in women's health.

Alexander Quaas

Medical Director at Shady Grove Fertility San Diego

Nina Resetkova, MD, MBA

Reproductive Endocrinologist Boston IVF

Eduardo Hariton, MD, MBA

Reproductive Endocrinologist MD US Fertility Innovation Fund

Serena H Chen, MD

Director Reproductive Medicine at IRMS Institute for Reproductive Medicine

Francisco Arredondo, MD, MPH

Chief Medical Officer PozitIVF Fertility

Cynthia Hudson

VP Clinical Strategy TMRW Life Sciences

Steve Rooks

Former COO, The Fertility Partners

Jane Van Dis, MD

Obstetrician-gynecologist Rochester, NY

Dr. Med. Florian Götze

Reproductive Physician & Gynaecologist FMH360° Kinderwunsch Zentrum Zurich

Our investors

Backed by prominent venture capitalists from both Europe and the United States, LEVY Health enjoys strong support from the investment community.

Atlantic Labs


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