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Only 16% of women with infertility are properly diagnosed

White paper reveals that including OB-GYNs in diagnostic fertility workups and early diagnoses is essential to improving access to fertility care. Clinical decision support software can be of help.

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The authors
  • Serena H Chen, MD, FACOG

  • Briana Parmar, MD

  • Alice K. Crisci, BS

  • Silvia Hecher, MPH, MSc

The problem

Underdiagnosis of endocrine and fertility disorders in U.S. women

Today, nearly 20% of women in the U.S. experience infertility, but only 16% of those are ever formally diagnosed. Most women never receive an accurate diagnosis. Those who do may wait up to 11 years and could see up to 5 different physicians to get the care they need.

Why? Fertility clinics do not have the coverage or reach to serve such significant number of women. Only 16 states cover fertility testing and approximately one in seven women must travel more than 60 miles to access fertility services.


of reproductive aged, married women in the U.S experience infertility

of reproductive aged, married women in the U.S experience infertility


of those, are never formally diagnosed

of those, are never formally diagnosed

11 years11

is the max. time to diagnosis for some of those women

years of waiting for some of those women

The solution

Cost-effective clinical decision support software (CDSS) for enhanced fertility care

OB-GYNs can and want to help ease this burden on women and fertility clinics. By testing for and diagnosing endocrine disorders, like PCOS, that contribute to most causes of infertility in women, OB-GYNs can identify issues earlier in the fertility journey and help guide ongoing, high-quality care to navigate those issues, including in coordination with fertility clinics.

  • 97% of OB-GYNs in the U.S. surveyed for the white paper would like to use a clinical decision support software to diagnose endocrine disorders.
  • Despite the prevalence of PCOS, nearly 70% of cases are undiagnosed.

Women experiencing symptoms of hormonal disorders often seek care from their primary care physician or obstetrician-gynecologist, even though these professionals may not have extensive training in endocrinology. We require tools such as clinical decision support software to enable these healthcare providers to better manage the care of these patients.

Serena H. Chen, MD, FACOG

Director Reproductive Medicine at IRMS Institute for Reproductive Medicine and first author of the white paper

LEVY Health’s Clinical decision support software

What is LEVY Health, and how can it help your clinic and patients?

LEVY Health’s first-of-its-kind, HIPAA-compliant clinical decision support software gives OB-GYNs inexpensive and scalable technology to diagnose endocrine disorders that contribute to infertility earlier and accurately.

How? LEVY Health’s software streamlines the diagnostic process for OB-GYNs by asking all relevant questions, accessing the risk of endocrine disorders, recommending the right labs and combining answers and lab results to suggest a diagnosis and treatment recommendations. Providers take this diagnostic data and use LEVY Health’s proprietary algorithms that are built based on the most recent medical guidelines as well as thousands of hours of research by Reproductive Endocrinologists to diagnose endocrine disorders at the root of fertility issues. Patients are quickly pre-screened and ready to begin evidence-based treatment for a fraction of the time and cost.

data reveals

How LEVY Health manages to help clinics and make happy families

In a pilot study using LEVY Health’s software, 96% of women received a diagnosis they previously have been unaware of and on average 3 diagnoses which they had not been previously diagnosed for. Additionally, providers were able to start treatment for several conditions within 8 weeks of the first touchpoint.


of women received a diagnosis they had previously been unaware of

of women received a diagnosis they had previously been unaware of

3 diagnoses70%

on average were detected by LEVY Health that were previously missed by their treating provider

on average were able to use this diagnosis to receive ongoing care at a fertility clinic

8 weeks8

within this time providers were able to start treatment

weeks within which providers were able to start treatment for more than 65 conditions

Why this matters? Time saved equals money saved. With infertility, time saved also means better outcomes. LEVY Health’s software reduces time to diagnosis by 50%, increases access and education to the right fertility care, such as referrals to fertility clinics for IVF, and improves efficiencies across the fertility treatment journey for both women and providers ultimately leading to better outcomes.

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