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Empowering Providers, Building Families

LEVY Health’s clinical decision support software was developed with leading reproductive care experts to empower women’s healthcare professionals to treat more patients.

For fertility clinics

Meet your new patient intake center

Fertility clinics that use LEVY Health can treat more patients because we manage the entire fertility work-up – including collecting patient medical history, ordering and coordinating lab visits, analyzing results, and triaging.

With LEVY Health, patients are already ready for treatment at the first consultation. Here’s what that means for your clinic:

  • Streamline the fertility work-up

    Automate patient information intake, lab orders, and interpretation of results.

  • Pre-qualify patients

    Ensure REIs see only patients in need of ART thanks to LEVY’s flag system.

  • Operate on top of your license

    We'll take care of medical history, lab testing, and recommendations for ICD-10 diagnoses, so REIs can focus on treatment planning.

  • Save time

    Let LEVY Health handle the patient intake so your team can do what they excel at - providing excellent care.

  • Increase revenue

    Improve conversion to treatment rates, care for more patients.

  • Educate patients

    Our in-depth resources empower patients to make confident care decisions without getting overwhelmed.

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Supported by medical experts from

Speed up patient intake

Focus on patients who need and want ART

  • Automated pre-screening

    Collect patient history, order labs, coordinate visits, and analyze results automatically.

  • Diagnostics & triaging

    LEVY takes care of all necessary testing before patients' first appointment in the way you want it

  • Patient engagement

    Evidence-based education on lab tests, diagnoses, treatments, and possible treatment outcomes


Enhance treatment conversions, benefit your bottom line

Manual pre-screening is costing your clinic. Calculate how much more revenue you could earn by automating the pre-screening process.

With LEVY Health, you could have...


Additional IVF cycles per year


Additional yearly revenue

  • 1
  • 2
Curious how it works in practice?

Book a free demo and we’ll show you how you can use our software to free up REI time for more IVF cycles.

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For ob-gyns

Offer more treatments with diagnostic support

Maximize your time with patients and help them get the care they need. LEVY Health helps OB-GYNs diagnose endocrine disorders that can cause infertility and recommend next steps, guiding women on the right path early on. 

Offer comprehensive fertility analysis to your patients with expert guidance

  • Enhance diagnostics

    Diagnose up to 65 ICD-10 codes, such as PCOS, thyroid disorders, peri-menopause, and DOR.

  • Analyze labs

    Apply precision diagnostics and receive support in ordering and interpreting 80+ biomarker test results.

  • Recommend treatment

    Review treatment recommendations based on clinical guidelines from ASRM & ACOG.

  • Pave the way forward

    Guide patients to the right path. Next steps can include lifestyle chances, medication, referrals, or further diagnostics.

Supported by medical experts from

Speed up patient intake

Focus on patients who need and want ART

  • Precision Diagnostics for endocrine disorders

    Automated interpretation of >80 lab tests and recommendations for >65 ICD-10 diagnoses

  • Treatment Recommendations

    Review treatment recommendations based on clinical guidelines from ASRM, ESHRE, and ACOG

  • Referrals and Triaging

    Referral recommendations for MRI, thyroid ultrasound, nutrition counseling, etc. and triaging patients in urgent need of ART

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Access the expertise of an REI from your computer

LEVY Health's medical support software is your practice's support tool to help women struggling to get pregnant by diagnosing underlying causes of infertility.

Help more women on their path to parenthood. Ready to build happy families?

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What do the experts say?

“Using the LEVY Fertility Code is the most rapid way to diagnose the underlying cause of female infertility. The interface is user-friendly and enables physicians to focus more on treatment, so that we can help more women have healthy pregnancies.”

Nina Resetkova, MD, MBA

Reproductive Endocrinologist @BostonIVF

"LEVY’s software-based approach to improving diagnostic accuracy and efficacy will help patients get better answers, sooner. By extending data-driven diagnostic testing to more healthcare professions, we hope to fundamentally change reproductive care.”

Eduardo Hariton, MD, MBA

MD US Fertility Innovation Fund, Reproductive Endocrinologist

"Innovative and collaborative, LEVY Health integrates OB-GYNs into the spectrum of reproductive care. With their comprehensive fertility analysis, they facilitate early referrals to specialists or empower them to actively contribute to treatment, ensuring a cohesive and patient-focused care experience."

Alexander Quaas

Medical director Shady Grove Fertility San Diego

"LEVY's groundbreaking software creates a virtual workup with powerful diagnostic tools for patients experiencing infertility, simultaneously empowering OB/GYNs to offer more treatments themselves while streamlining processes at fertility clinics."

Cynthia Hudson

VP Clinical Strategy at TMRW Life Sciences

"One of my goals is to make fertility care more accessible. LEVY's clinical decision support software empowers health care practitioners to diagnose and treat according to clinical guidelines, getting us one step closer to the Reproductive Justice we believe in."

Francisco Arredondo, MD, MPH

Chief Medical Officer at pozitivf

LEVY Fertility Code

Evidence-based, medically-verified

  • Evidence-based

    According to medical guidelines from ASRM, ACOG and ESHRE

  • Accessible

    API with LabCorp and Quest, integrateable with other labs and EHR/EMR software via HL7/FHIR

  • Certified

    Clinical decision support software that received the CE mark and is exempt from FDA regulations.

  • HIPAA compliant

    Software is compliant with the U.S. Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act (HIPAA)

  • Smart

    Rule-based algorithms generate personalized recommendations for ICD-10 diagnoses and treatment.

Expand your impact by treating more patients. Let’s build happy families.

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