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What to expect when testing your fertility with LEVY

If you’ve been trying to conceive for a while, it’s totally normal to feel frustrated. Why hasn’t it happened for you yet, when it seemed so easy for your friends or family members to get pregnant?

Introducing LEVY: the first-ever digital platform for holistic fertility medicine. We created LEVY to give you the concrete answers you’re looking for about why you’re not getting (or staying) pregnant and an action plan to improve your chances of having a baby.

Why choose LEVY to test your fertility?

The fact is, many couples struggling to conceive seek out medical help too late. And fertility testing and treatment can be a time-consuming and expensive process. LEVY is changing that with a precise digital diagnostic tool that works hand-in-hand with reproductive medicine experts while saving you precious time and money. 

What sets us apart from at-home fertility testing kits is that we go beyond measuring hormone levels or your ovarian reserve. We look at your health and fertility as a whole. As a CE-certified medical device, LEVY can give you individualized blood diagnostics, in-depth information on why you’re having trouble conceiving, and advice on how to improve your fertility. 

The algorithms powering our software are grounded in decades of scientific research and the latest medical guidelines, and were developed together with fertility doctors. Once your lab results are available, a qualified doctor will be there by your side to guide you through what they mean in detail and diagnose the causes of your fertility problems.

So, without further adieu, let’s get into how the LEVY Fertility Code actually works! 


How to Use the LEVY Fertility Code: Step by Step


Step 1: Create Your LEVY profile

Before getting started, you’ll need to create a profile and confirm that you meet the necessary requirements. In order to test your fertility with LEVY, it’s necessary that you:

  • have not stopped hormonal contraception within the last three months, 
  • you are between 25 and 48 years old
  • can get to one of our partner labs in Hamburg, Hannover, Berlin, Munich, Cologne, or Stuttgart to have your blood drawn (we will be adding more labs in the future).

All set? Welcome to your personal LEVY dashboard!


Step 2: Complete the Reproductive Health Assessment

Next, you’ll answer questions about your health background to help us understand what’s causing your fertility problems. We’ll ask you about things like how long you’ve been trying to conceive, your menstrual cycle, past use of hormonal contraception, and family medical history, as well as any diagnoses, medical tests, and lab results. 

The smart questionnaire adapts in real-time to your answers and becomes customized just for you, considering all possible reasons underlying your struggle to conceive. You and your fertility journey are unique, and so is your experience with LEVY.

After finishing the questionnaire, one of our users told us, “The Reproductive Health Assessment made me feel more understood on my fertility journey than ever before.” 


Step 3: Check-in Call with the LEVY Care Team to Go Over Recommended Tests

Once you’re all done with the health assessment, you’ll be invited to book a video call with a fertility expert on our team (free of charge). Based on diagnostic and treatment guidelines from the European and American societies for reproductive medicine, our algorithms will create a personal risk profile for you for various health conditions that can impact fertility and determine which biomarkers (such as hormone and vitamin levels) should be tested so that our doctors can make a comprehensive diagnosis. Out of 80 possible biomarkers, we only suggest the really necessary ones that apply to you.
For 399€, we will scan you for 30 conditions which can affect reproductive health — that includes basic hormone diagnostics. If your risk profile shows that you need further testing, we may recommend extended diagnostics (for an additional price) so we can look for up to 65 health conditions. This is completely optional and you remain in full control of which biomarkers you choose to test for.
Our fertility experts will walk you through all of the recommended tests in detail and answer all of your questions. 


Step 4: Choose a Lab Near You

LEVY has partnered with several leading laboratories in Germany (more countries coming soon!) where you can get your diagnostic tests done. We’ll tell you when you should get tested (usually between days 2 and 5 of your cycle) as well as any specific instructions you may need to follow for your blood test (such as fasting beforehand). 


Step 5: Testing Day!

When it’s time for your lab work, simply bring a PDF print-out of your lab referral from LEVY. No appointment is necessary. 

If you’re right-handed, you may want to get your blood drawn from your left arm and vice versa. A medical professional will wrap an elastic band around your arm, clean the vein, and insert a needle which is connected to a tube to collect the blood. The whole process should only take a few minutes. 

If you feel nervous about having blood drawn, here are some tips to stay calm:

  • Take several deep, soothing breaths beforehand
  • Listen to music before and while your blood is being drawn
  • Look away when the provider is inserting the needle

Step 6: Follow-Up Call with a LEVY Doctor to Explain Diagnoses

Once your lab results are ready, they will be sent back to us for our doctors to look over. You’ll get to make another video call appointment with a LEVY doctor. During the call, we’ll give you a detailed breakdown of what your results mean and diagnose the causes of your struggles to conceive. We want to make sure you understand everything fully and feel supported, so feel free to ask any questions that come to mind. Your doctor will also tell you what the next steps are to improve your fertility.

Step 7: Continue Your Fertility Journey With Your Holistic Therapy Plan

Following your doctor’s appointment, you’ll be able to access your lab results on the LEVY platform. They’ll be broken down into each biomarker that was tested and show if your values are within the normal range. 

You’ll also get individual, holistic recommendations from your LEVY doctor on how to move forward with your fertility journey, whether it’s with a referral to a specialist, getting more tests, or specific therapeutic treatments to help you get pregnant. 70% of the time, a few key lifestyle changes are all it takes to increase fertility.


The New Era of Fertility Testing

We are thrilled to have created an innovative, medically-certified diagnostic tool to find out what’s causing your fertility issues and help you fulfil your dream of starting a family. The future of fertility medicine is here, and it’s personal, digital, and holistic. Take back control over your fertility and get started with LEVY!



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