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The science behind the LEVY Fertility Code

Certified diagnostics, created by fertility doctors

We partnered up with leading reproductive physicians and analyzed hundreds of scientific studies to build a holistic platform for fertility medicine that you can trust. With our certified diagnostic tool and medically-reviewed content, we empower women with the information they need to take charge of their fertility in a short time to accelerate their path to pregnancy.

What LEVY can tell you about your fertility

LEVY Health is your partner for fast, precise fertility diagnostics. Based on women’s health data, cycle patterns, and blood work, we can diagnose over 65 possible conditions that can impact fertility. Once we discover why they’re not getting pregnant, we will walk them through the next steps. It’s especially important to us that women fully understand their reproductive health so that they’re empowered to make informed decisions on their journey to parenthood. A customized therapy plan which may involve recommendations for lifestyle changes, nutritional supplements, medication, and/or a referral to a specialist for further testing and treatment guides women to take action on their next steps.

Traditional healthcare system
Average time to diagnose PCOS
Average time to diagnose endometriosis

Learn if you have PCOS

PCOS is one of the most common causes of female fertility problems, affecting 10-15% of women of reproductive age. It leads to hormonal imbalances which interfere with ovulation. Thankfully, it’s treatable. We diagnose PCOS by analyzing your reproductive hormone levels and checking for common indicators according to EU and US medical guidelines.

Find out if have a risk of endometriosis

Around 10% of women in their reproductive years have endometriosis, a gynecological condition where tissue similar to the lining of your uterus grows in other areas. It causes painful periods and can make it more difficult to get pregnant. To make a suspected endometriosis diagnosis, we ask you about common signs such as strong period cramps and pain during sex and recommend a physical exam to confirm the diagnosis.

Understand approximately how many eggs you have

All women are born with a set number of eggs (around 2 million) which declines with age. Starting around age 37, that decline speeds up and the quality of eggs also decreases. We look at your levels of AMH, FSH, and E2 to gauge how many eggs you have compared to an average woman of your age. This gives you an idea of how many reproductive years you have ahead of you, the potential success of fertility treatments like IVF and IUI, and when you’re likely to start the transition into menopause.

Figure out if you have hormonal imbalances impacting fertility

If your reproductive hormones are out of balance, it can lead to trouble conceiving. Some conditions we look for are hyperprolactinemia, or when prolactin levels are too high, and hyperandrogenemia, when androgens are too high. Both conditions can lead to ovulation problems, reducing your chances to get pregnant. Medications can help regulate your hormones and improve your fertility, which we’ll tell you all about.

Discover if you have a thyroid disorder

When the thyroid gland doesn’t make enough hormones or makes too many hormones it can have a big effect on overall health as well as fertility. Our extended blood analytics measure your levels of various thyroid hormones including T3 and T4 to check for problems such as hyperthyroidism, euthyroidism, and hypothyroidism. These can all make it more difficult to get pregnant and can cause problems during pregnancy for the mama and baby, such as miscarriage. Treatment with medication is available to balance thyroid hormones and improve reproductive health.

The LEVY Fertility Code can make a number of other suspected diagnoses related to female fertility, including vitamin deficiencies, forms of hyperandrogenemia, and premature ovarian insufficiency.


We customize your test to fit your body and symptoms

Before you get your blood drawn, you will complete an in-depth questionnaire about your health background to determine what exactly needs to be measured. No generic tests, no wasted money!

What our users say:

“The medical questionnaire made me feel more understood on my fertility journey than ever before.”

“I’ve been 4 years in fertility treatment and never have been asked so in depth about my medical history.”


We measure more than your hormone levels and ovarian reserve

Fertility is a complex process and should be treated as such. While at-home testing kits can give you information about your reproductive hormone levels and egg reserve, that doesn’t tell the whole story. We take a holistic look at your health and fertility and test 80 potential biomarkers to fill in the blanks on why you’re struggling to get pregnant.


We diagnose the root cause

As a CE-certified medical device, we can actually diagnose the health condition underlying your trouble to conceive. A reproductive physician will look over your lab results and explain your diagnoses in detail to you via video call.


We create a personalized care plan

We don’t stop at your results. Once we’ve figured out what is behind your difficulty conceiving, we tailor a holistic treatment plan to help get you pregnant. This can involve nutritional coaching, lifestyle changes, and/or a recommendation to visit a clinic to continue your care.


Think of LEVY as your personal fertility clinic

A visit to your OBGYN won’t be able to give you this in-depth information that you need to figure out why you’re not getting pregnant. LEVY Health brings the expertise of a fertility clinic to the comfort of your own home, minus the cost. Your body and reproductive journey are unique, so we take the time to assess your situation individually and adapt our platform and recommendations to fit you.

Our partners

Women’s health companies

World-leading companies specialising in women's health, such as cycle apps, IVF agencies or telemedicine consultancies, are turning to the LEVY Fertility Code to enhance their existing offerings.

Fertility clinics & gynecological practices

We work together with leading fertility clinics and gynecological practices for blood sampling and further diagnostics. Women who test their fertility with LEVY should receive their results quickly - this requires a comprehensive network.

Meet the fertility experts behind LEVY

Our amazing medical advisory board brings a wealth of expertise and experience to support you on your fertility journey.


Reproductive Physician & Gynaecologist FMH360° Kinderwunsch Zentrum Zurich

Time is critical for female fertility, so what LEVY Health is doing is really important. Thanks to early diagnosis, women can be receive better care and increase their chances of building their family.


Reproductive Physician & Gynaecologist FMH360° Kinderwunsch Zentrum Zurich

Want to know why you’re struggling to get pregnant? LEVY Health takes the guessing out of your fertility journey. Made by women for women!


Reproductive Physician & Gynaecologist FMH360° Kinderwunsch Zentrum Zurich

Time is critical for female fertility, so what LEVY Health is doing is really important. Thanks to early diagnosis, women can be receive better care and increase their chances of building their family.

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I went to many doctors but nobody figured I have PCOS. Now I know how to take action.


30 years old, LEVY Health user

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Developed by fertility experts

Our founding team includes a fertility physician and certified fertility coach, and we collaborate with reproductive doctors at clinics across Germany to ensure our product is top-notch.

Certified clinical quality

The LEVY Fertility Code is CE-certified. That means we comply with European regulatory standards under directive IVDD 98/79/EC for In Vitro Diagnostic medical devices.

Reviewed by physicians

All of our content, diagnostics, and therapy recommendations are reviewed by certified reproductive doctors before going live on our platform.

Data security

Your personal data is safe with us. We take privacy seriously and process your information according to GDPR.


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