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Streamlining Fertility Care

LEVY Health’s clinical decision support software for fertility and endocrine disorders 
handles patient pre-screening, diagnostics, and triaging for your fertility clinic to save your team valuable time.
  • Complete medical history and symptom analysis
  • Automated lab testing and result analysis
  • Clinical dashboard with comprehensive patient data
  • Automated patient triage and treatment recommendations
  • Information for patients about fertility treatments and results

See how much revenue your clinic is missing out on!

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We take care of your patients work-up, so your team can focus on treatment.

Imagine how many more patients you could treat if all the prep work were already out of the way from the start. With LEVY Health’s software in your toolbox, you can maximize clinic resources, grow your practice, and deliver more exceptional care that changes lives.

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Shorten wait times and treat more patients

By their first clinic consult, pre-screening is complete and women are ready to start treatment.

Less time to begin treatment
More access to patients
Higher engagement of patients

Source: Senapati S, Asch DA, Merchant RM, Rosin R, Seltzer E, Mancheno C, & Dokras A (2022). The Fast Track to Fertility Program: Rapid Cycle Innovation to Redesign Fertility Care.  NEJM Catalyst Innovations in Care Delivery ,  3 (10).

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Get patients ready to begin care
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Our fertility work-up includes

Complete medical history and symptom analysis

Personalized lab requisition and testing in 125 partner labs nationwide

Clinical dashboard with custom treatment recommendations

Information for patients about fertility treatments and results

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Benefits for your clinic

Fast-track patients and boost revenue with automated workflows

Save time

Free up REI's schedules with completed pre-screening and custom lab requisitions

Maximize efficiency

Reduce manpower needed for administrative tasks and repetitive work

Improve experience

Shorten wait times, educate, and engage your patients before they begin treatment

Increase conversion

Patients who visit your clinic are already informed and prepared to begin their care

Flexible and customizable

Adapt our software to your clinic processes

We know that every clinic is unique, which is why you can adjust the LEVY Fertility Code to work best for your practice, treatment options, and patients.

See what it can do for you

A plug & play fertility work-up, embedded into your clinical processes within days

Using LEVY Health’s software is the most rapid way to diagnose the underlying cause of female infertility. The interface is user-friendly and enables physicians to focus more on treatment so that we can help more women have healthy pregnancies.
Nina Resetkova, MD, MBA
Reproductive Endocrinologist @Boston IVF

The doctors behind LEVY Health

We're proud to work together with some of America’s top OB-GYNs and REIs to provide more patients with the expert fertility care they need to start their families.

Eduardo Hariton, MD, MBA

Reproductive Endocrinologist

Oakland, CA

Nina Resetkova, MD, MBA

Reproductive Endocrinologist

Boston, MA

Cynthia Hudson


New Jersey, NJ

Francisco Arredondo, MD, MPH


Rochester, NY

Serena Chen, MD

Director Reproductive Medicine

IRMS Institute for Reproductive Medicine

Evidence-based diagnostic recommendations you can trust –
because your patients deserve the best .

The LEVY Fertility Code classifies as a clinical decision supporting software and is exempt from FDA approval under FDA-2017-D-6569. In the European Union, the LEVY Fertility Code is classified as a Software-as-a-Medical-Device and certified according to the In-Vitro-Diagnostic Directive 98/79/EC (SNL: LFC202109). Developed by reproductive endocrinologists according to guidelines published by the ASRM and ESHRE and more than a hundred studies on fecundity, health economics, and reproductive health education.

Frequently asked questions

How do I know I can trust the algorithm

Our certified diagnostic software was developed by reproductive endocrinologists and is based on guidelines from the European and American societies for reproductive medicine. All of our diagnoses and treatment recommendations are made according to proven scientific evidence from years of research in the field of reproductive health. We make both diagnoses and suspected diagnoses. Suspected diagnoses need to be confirmed with further tests performed by a specialist. We will provide you with additional information needed to approve our diagnoses and recommendations.

What are the prerequisites for my patient to use the LEVY Fertility Code?

– Your patient should be between 20 – 48 years old
– Your patient should have an uterus
– Your patient should live in the USA
– Your patient shouldn’t have used hormonal contraception for at least three months

Does the LEVY Fertility Code have FDA approval?

The LEVY Fertility Code classifies as a clinical decision supporting software and is exempt from FDA approval under FDA-2017-D-6569.

Can I modify the recommended biomarkers?

It’s only possible to deselect biomarkers, not add new ones. To do so, click on “My Tasks” and “Approve lab requisition”. Here you will find the option “Edit biomarkers”, where you can remove any biomarkers you don’t want to test. Please make sure to add the reason behind your decision if you do this.


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