Shorten Wait Times. Treat More Patients.

Triaging patients prior to first appointment significantly improves a clinic’s top line – Clinics who use LEVY Health’s service have seen improved KPIs like:
  • Conversion to appointment
  • No shows
  • Conversion to follow up
  • Conversion to treatment
  • IVF treatment start

See how much revenue your clinic is missing out on!

LEVY Health’s software facilitates an impressively rapid diagnosis of the underlying cause of female infertility. The interface is easy to use, interactive and most importantly helps physicians save time so they can focus more on treatment. With LEVY Health we can help more women achieve healthy pregnancies.
Reproductive Endocrinologist at Boston IVF

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LEVY Health’s clinical decision support software was developed with leading reproductive care experts to enable women’s healthcare professionals to provide more life-changing care.

We take care of patient pre-screening, lab ordering, testing, education, and triaging to free up your time to see more patients. With evidence-based recommendations for diagnostics and treatment, you can support more women in achieving their family planning goals.


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