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The LEVY Fertility Code is a certified medical software created by reproductive endocrinologists that diagnoses the root cause of female infertility in the shortest possible time.

Become a LEVY Health Partner to help your customers build the family of their dreams and boost your own company’s revenue in the process.

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Service extension

Offer expert diagnostics & recommendations for family planning

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Pay a flat fee per user and choose your own premium

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Fast access to a clinically approved software

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Change your customers’ lives with answers on their fertility

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Match users to right treatment

How our fertility analysis works

You acquire users through your community and send them our way. We'll handle the rest

Step 1

Reproductive Health Assessment

Women fill out a smart online questionnaire about their medical history

Step 2

Blood test

We recommend a personalized set of biomarkers to test and create the lab requisition*

Step 3

Diagnosis & recommendations

Women see their test results, diagnoses, and custom fertility recommendations in their LEVY Health profile

* the cost of lab tests are not included in the LEVY Fertility Code but are usually covered by health insurance

What you can offer your customers

  • Comprehensive fertility analysis
  • Screening for 65 health conditions that affect fertility
  • Personalized blood test recommendation with lab requisition
  • Access to our network of care providers
  • Evidence-based diagnostics & recommendations for pregnancy
  • Free access to educational resources
  • Optional 1:1 consultation with a reproductive endocrinologist 

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Frequently asked questions

What are the prerequisites to use the LEVY Fertility Code?

- The user is 20 - 48 years old
- The user has an uterus
- The user lives in the USA
- The user hasn't used hormonal contraception for at least three months

Who can use the LEVY Fertility Code?

The LEVY Fertility code is for you if you want to get a better understanding of your fertility, are currently trying to get pregnant, and/or want to find out why you haven't been able to get or stay pregnant. Please also check our pre-requisites in the above question.

How long does it take to complete the LEVY Fertility Code?

It takes just a few weeks to complete the LEVY Fertility Code! In case the user needs to wait longer for their blood test, because of their cycle or anything else, it may take a bit longer.

Here’s how long each step of the journey with LEVY Health takes:

1. Reproductive Health Assessment: about 20 minutes
2. Visit to the lab: 30 minutes

What diagnostic tests does LEVY Health do?

We do comprehensive and individualized blood diagnostics. All LEVY users test the basic hormone panel, and then depending on your answers to the Reproductive Health Assessment we make a custom recommendation for other biomarkers they should test. The other blood panels we test for include advanced thyroid diagnostics, advanced hormone diagnostics, full blood count, sugar metabolism, basic vitamins, and vaccination status for diseases that can impact pregnancy.

Which information can users find in their LEVY Health profile?

At the top of the dashboard users can see where they are in their LEVY Health journey. 'My Health Profile' contains the user's questionnaire, test results, recommendations and documents. In 'LEVY Learn' they can find out more about the biomarkers we test and why they matter for fertility, and learn about diagnoses we make. 'My profile' contains their personal data, instructions for use, data security and terms and conditions.

How is LEVY Health different from a fertility clinic?

LEVY Health is a diagnostic support system within the fertility care ecosystem. We use precision diagnostics to help users and their partners find out what's preventing them from getting or staying pregnant. Based on users results, we make custom recommendations about what they can do to increase their chances of a healthy pregnancy. We are a digital service and don't offer physical treatments that users would get in a clinic such as IVF. If we decide that treatment in a fertility clinic is necessary for the user to help them conceive, we will recommend that to them and give an idea of what to expect there.

How is the LEVY Fertility Code different from at-home fertility tests?

At-home fertility tests give users information about certain reproductive hormone levels but can't make a diagnosis about their fertility. As a certified medical device, the LEVY Fertility Code screens users for up to 43 conditions that affect female fertility, tests for dozens of biomarkers not available in at-home testing kits, and can recommend diagnoses. Everything on our platform is based on official medical guidelines and reviewed by fertility doctors. Once we have the results, we explain everything in detail and create a tailored therapy plan to help users conceive.


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