Learn why you’re not pregnant yet

With in-depth diagnostics, LEVY Health demystifies your reproductive health so you can start building the family of your dreams.

LEVY Health goes beyond testing basic hormones

We'll screen you for 65 health conditions that affect fertility
of our users have been diagnosed with a previously unknown condition
conditions are diagnosed on average per person
patients would recommend LEVY Health to a friend struggling to conceive

We are in a diagnostic crisis.

It takes years to diagnose conditions that impact female fertility, and the journey to pregnancy is long, draining and confusing.

1 in 6
Couples struggle to conceive
Years on average women are dealing with infertility before learning why
Of infertility cases are medically treatable

We are on a mission to close the reproductive health care gap.

We can uncover what is preventing you from having a healthy pregnancy in a matter of weeks, not years. Once we find out what’s causing your fertility struggles, you’ll get custom recommendations to help you conceive.

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Find out what's really behind your struggle to conceive

Here are some examples of what we test for:
blood clotting & immunology disorders leading to recurrent pregnancy loss
forms of amenorrhea
thyroid disorders
various forms of PCOS
insulin resistance

We make fertility care accessible to everyone

$179Testing at home
  • Free access to resources
  • Precision diagnostics*
  • Lab results with ICD-10 diagnoses
  • Comprehensive fertility analysis
  • Option to onboard own OB-GYN to access medical records
Our solution
$250Fertility testing with LEVY Health
  • Precision diagnostics (lab costs are not included but usually covered by your insurance)*
  • Lab results with ICD-10 diagnoses
  • Comprehensive fertility analysis
  • Free access to resources
  • Option to onboard own OB-GYN to access medical records
$1800Fertility testing in a clinic
  • Lab results with ICD-10 diagnoses
  • Comprehensive fertility analysis
  • Precision diagnostics*
  • Option to onboard own OB-GYN to access medical records
*Most health insurance policies cover a portion, if not all, lab costs - check your coverage with your provider.

Here’s how it works

Understand your fertility and get your family planning back on track.

Step 1

Sign up

Create your LEVY Health account and explore the platform.

Step 2

Reproductive Health Assessment

Tell us about your health background and current symptoms through our smart online questionnaire. Our software considers up to 65 reasons you can’t conceive and adapts in real-time to your responses.

Step 3

Blood test

We recommend a personalized set of biomarkers to test and create a lab requisition form which you can take to a local lab for a blood draw.

Step 4

Diagnosis & recommendations

A board-certified reproductive endocrinologists will review your test results and approve the diagnoses about your fertility. In your LEVY Health profile, you’ll get a detailed explanation of your biomarkers and a custom-made, holistic plan to help you get pregnant.

Uncover why you're not getting pregnant and what to do about it in just a few weeks.
Test your fertility now

Why use LEVY Health to decode your fertility?

Efficient & accessible

We use technology to give you the fast answers you need about your fertility. Once you know why you’re struggling to get pregnant, you’re empowered to move forward with your family planning.

In-depth & customized

Fertility is complex, and at-home kits that measure your hormones and egg reserve don’t tell the full story. We test for up to 45 biomarkers that can impact fertility and personalize your test to fit your unique body and symptoms.

100% science-based

We are a medical diagnostic software. Our product is grounded in decades of research on reproductive health and doctors are involved every step of the way.

LEVY Health is for me if...
I’ve been struggling to conceive for over a year.
I want to find out if I can still get pregnant.
I have a feeling PCOS is the reason I can’t get pregnant.
I’m already a mom but can’t get pregnant again.
My family has a history of fertility issues.
I feel lost on my fertility journey and don’t know who to turn to.

Frequently asked questions

How do I know I can trust the algorithm?

Our certified diagnostic software was developed by reproductive endocrinologists and is based on guidelines from the European and American societies for reproductive medicine. All of our diagnoses and treatment recommendations are made according to proven scientific evidence from years of research in the field of reproductive health. We make both diagnoses and suspected diagnoses. Suspected diagnoses need to be confirmed with further tests performed by a specialist. We will provide you with additional information needed to approve our diagnoses and recommendations.

Does the LEVY Fertility Code have FDA approval?

The LEVY Fertility Code classifies as a clinical decision supporting software and is exempt from FDA approval under FDA-2017-D-6569.

Who can help me if I have a question about my Dashboard or the LEVY Fertility Code in general?

If you have any questions about your Dashboard or the LEVY Fertility Code, please contact our Care Team by emailing [email protected] or calling +1 (415)-969-3373. We are here to help you!


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