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RH Factor

Rh factor is a protein on the outside of red blood cells. If a mother is Rh negative and a baby is...

Parvovirus B19

Parvovirus B19 is the pathogen that caused ringworm. Getting infected with this virus in early pregnancy increases the risk for miscarriage.


Toxoplasmosis is an infectious disease caused by the parasite Toxoplasma gondii. It is transmitted mainly through contact with cat feces, raw meat,...


The cytomegalovirus, CMV for short, causes the viral disease cytomegaly. In many cases, the disease doesn’t cause strong symptoms or feels like...

Varicella Zoster Antibody, IgG

Chickenpox is a viral disease caused by varicella zoster viruses. It's a widespread, contagious children’s disease that usually doesn’t cause lasting harm.

Rubella Antibody, IgG

Rubella is a contagious infectious disease caused by the rubella virus. Normally, the disease is harmless, but during pregnancy it cause a...

Lack of varicella (chickenpox) immunity

Varicella, commonly known as chickenpox, is a viral infection that causes an itchy rash. It’s usually not dangerous in children but can...

A COO’s Perspective on Successful Fertility Clinics with Steve Rooks

Steve Rooks has channeled his expertise and unwavering commitment toward fortifying the landscape of reproductive healthcare. In an exclusive interview, he peels...

November 16, 2023


Glucose (dextrose) is a carbohydrate and the main source of energy for the brain and muscles. It is channeled into the cells...


Insulin is a hormone that helps move glucose from the blood into the cells. It thereby ensures that the cells are supplied...

Transferrin saturation

Transferrin is an important component in iron metabolism. It transports the iron in the blood to bring it to the various organs....


Ferritin is also an important component in iron metabolism. Iron binds to ferritin and is stored in this form in the organs....

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