How much does the LEVY Fertility Code cost?

What’s included in the basic package?

LEVY Fertility Code € 279.91

What’s included?

Access to the LEVY Fertility Code, care support, and 1:1 doctors consultation

Blood diagnostics & testing€ 119.09

What’s included?

Testing and analysis of Basic Hormone panel (8 biomarkers) in one of our parter labs

Total Price*€ 399.00

*Optional costs may be added


Additional Testing

At LEVY we perform precision diagnostics meaning we only recommend additional blood pannels given your individual risk profile. Given the circumstance that everyones risk profile varies we included only the basic hormone panel which needs to be tested for all users in the price. All additional blood panels can be booked additionally.

Please note: This is optional and with the basic hormone panel we can already test for up to 19 diagnoses.

Advanced thyroid diagnostics

5 biomarkers that test for 6 diagnoses

€ 92.67
Extended fertility hormone diagnostics

7 biomarkers that test for 6 diagnoses

€ 90.05
Complete blood count

12 biomarkers that test for 10 diagnoses

€ 25.75
Sugar metabolism

2 biomarkers that test for 3 diagnoses

€ 25.70
Vitamin status

2 biomarkers that test for 4 diagnoses

€ 26.22
Vaccination status (Panel 1-3)

5 biomarkers that test for 12 diagnoses

€ 112.27

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