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How our science works.

Your partner for precise fertility diagnostics:

With the help of the LEVY Fertility Code, we provide you with the information you need to identify the cause of your fertility problems. Our algorithms, specially developed by reproductive physicians, shorten the time to diagnosis and recommend a holistic treatment approach.

Our algorithms are based on the guidelines from the European and American societies for reproductive medicine.

LEVY Fertility Code

Based on a real-time assessment of the data inputted, our algorithms provide individualized risk profiles and dynamic treatment recommendations that support the decision-making process for patients and gynaecologists. Our software combines medical guidelines into branching decision trees, with a total of 30 algorithms analyzing you. Through data-driven and medically proven evidence, women are provided with individualized, honest and personalized treatment recommendations.

Step 1:

The algorithm creates your personal risk profile

Our medical fertility analyzis replaces a 45-minute consultation with a reproductive doctor at the fertility clinic. This takes about 10-15 minutes.

Step 2:

Individualized blood diagnostics

Out of 80 blood parameters, we recommend only the really necessary ones – time-saving but affordable is our credo.

You will receive a lab referral from us and have the blood taken on-site – for this, we work together with leading laboratories, gynaecological practices, and fertility clinics. This is the only way we can guarantee precise blood diagnostics.

Step 3:

You receive your results and discuss them with our reproductive physicians.

The LEVY Fertility Code has now analyzed your blood results, and a (suspicious) diagnosis has been made. In an online video consultation, your fertility doctor will go through the results with you in detail.

Step 4:

We accompany you holistically.

Based on your results, the LEVY Fertility Code creates your personal therapy plan – whether further diagnostics, physical care, examination by other experts or holistic therapeutic approaches are most suitable for you.

In 60% of cases, even small lifestyle changes help to increase fertility – and LEVY has the right online offer for you.


Find out why you did not
get pregnant in just 14 days.

We are honest.

“Based on data and facts, recommendations are spat out. No human bias. No incentive to recommend IVF to you. Clear results, time-saving, and by women, for women.”



Our partners:


We work with the best endocrinology laboratories for hormone diagnostics. Our software uses the reference values, possible results and more than 80 different biomarkers for an individualised and comprehensive diagnosis as well as therapy recommendation.


Our focus is diagnostics. World-leading companies specializing in women’s health, such as cycle apps, IVF agencies or telemedicine consultancies, are turning to the LEVY Fertility Code to enhance their existing offerings.



We work with leading fertility clinics and gynaecological practices for blood sampling and further diagnostics. As a result, our women should receive their results quickly, resulting from a comprehensive network.


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