Get a fast, medically certified diagnosis and learn what caused your miscarriage in less than 14 days.


Our infertility doctors will deal with you and your situation individually and advise you via video consultation.


Based on your lab results and personal data, the LEVY Fertility Code will recommend the appropriate further steps for you.


The LEVY Fertility Code is a CE-certified software developed by reproductive physicians to detect and treat recurrent miscarriages.

Medical, holistic, and above all, personal.

Take back your desire to have
children despite miscarriage!


That's what the experts say:

"Although time is one of the most important components when trying to conceive, many couples often seek medical help far too late. One of the reasons for this is that couples do not know where to seek help in the first place. What is missing here is a product such as LEVY, which offers innovative and individually adapted guideline-based fertility diagnostics, while identifying suitable therapy paths. LEVY supports couples in finding the right treatment path for them."

Dr. med. Theresa Vilsmaier

Specialist in Gynaecologist & Obstetrics

"With LEVY, patients are in the best hands to quickly identify the cause of their infertility. In the event that infertility treatment is necessary, patients are well prepared and save themselves a lot of time."

Dr. med. Florian Götze

Reproductive Physician & Gynaecologist FMH360° Kinderwunsch Zentrum Zurich

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You are not alone.

Every third pregnancy ends in miscarriage.

There can be many reasons for an early end of pregnancy - genetic disorders, faulty cell division, an overactive immune system, endometriosis, infections, luteal weakness, or even severe illnesses. Therefore, it is essential to understand what caused the miscarriage to minimize the risk of a repeated miscarriage.Source: Wilcox AJ et al: Incidence of early loss of pregnancy. New England Journal of Medicine. 1988 Jul 28;319(4):189-94.

The LEVY Fertility Code helps you get to the bottom of your miscarriage and take the appropriate precautions to minimize the risk of another miscarriage.

Our therapy offer:

  • Mental support
  • Immunotherapy
  • Alternative medicine
  • Nutritional counseling
  • Medications


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