Streamline patient screening and discuss treatment options at their first appointment

Free up REI time and boost patient conversion with our certified clinical decision support software, the LEVY Fertility Code.Book demo

Developed in cooperation with experts from

The LEVY Fertility Code was created by REIs for REIs

We take care of the fertility work-up, so you can focus on treatment.

By their first clinic consult, pre-screening is complete and women are ready to start treatment.

decreased time to initiation of treatment
increased access to patients
increased engagement of patients

Source: Senapati S, Asch DA, Merchant RM, Rosin R, Seltzer E, Mancheno C, & Dokras A (2022). The Fast Track to Fertility Program: Rapid Cycle Innovation to Redesign Fertility Care.  NEJM Catalyst Innovations in Care Delivery3 (10).

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Benefits for your clinic

Boost conversion & retention

Meet patients who are ready to begin treatment

Save staff time

Maximize clinic resources with less time spent on pre-screening

Increase revenue

With pre-screening done, REIs have more capacity for treatments

Available nationwide

Help women from coast to coast access the care they need

Easy integration

We use APIs to provide a seamless data exchange with your existing system

Patient education

Women know their fertility and which treatments have the highest chances of success

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Here's how it works

Patients get pre-screened for causes of infertility and have blood tests before their first consultation at your clinic

Step 1

Patient referral

Once a new patient books a first consultation at your clinic, you can send her a link to our website, where she will create a LEVY Health profile and begin her fertility analysis.
 Our smart virtual questionnaire is a comprehensive symptom analysis, mirroring a 45-minute conversation between a patient and REI.

Step 2

Blood test

Based on patients’ answers, the LEVY Fertility Code pre-screens them conditions that affect fertility, creates a complete patient profile, and generates a custom recommendation of biomarkers to test. Once you approve their blood work, we create a lab requisition form your patient can use to visit a lab and get tested between days 2–5 of their cycle. We partner with labs nationwide and can also work together with your lab.

Step 3

See a personalized view of each fully screened patient.

Based on the medical history and lab results we will show a personalized view for each patient so you have all the necessary information in one place to better discuss treatment options.

Reach out to the LEVY Health team to see how it works in practice

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Evidence-based diagnostic recommendations you can trust – because your patients deserve the best.

The LEVY Fertility Code classifies as a clinical decision supporting software and is exempt from FDA approval under FDA-2017-D-6569. In the European Union, the LEVY Fertility Code is classified as a Software-as-a-Medical-Device and certified according to the In-Vitro-Diagnostic Directive 98/79/EC (SNL: LFC202109). Developed by reproductive endocrinologists according to guidelines published by the ASRM and ESHRE and more than a hundred studies on fecundity, health economics, and reproductive health education.

What doctors say about us

Many OB-GYNs would like to be more involved in fertility diagnostics and treatment. With LEVY’s clinical decision support tool, physicians can do this fast and evidence-based, allowing them to satisfy their patients while being on top of billing and reimbursement.

Jane Van Dis, M.D.
Obstetrician-gynecologist, Rochester, NY

One of my goals is to make fertility care more accessible. LEVY’s clinical decision support software empowers health care practitioners to diagnose and treat according to clinical guidelines, getting us one step closer to the Reproductive Justice we believe in.

Francisco Arredondo, MD MPH
REI, CEO at pozitivf

LEVY’s groundbreaking software creates a virtual workup with powerful diagnostic tools for patients experiencing infertility, simultaneously empowering OB/GYNs to offer more treatments themselves while streamlining processes at fertility clinics. At the core of the service are the patients, who receive recommendations tailored to their personal medical history and circumstance.

Cynthia Hudson
Embryologist, VP Clinical Strategist at TMRW, Ex-founder Kindbody

Find up to 65 causes of infertility while patients wait to see you

Here are some examples of what we test for:

various forms of PCOS
forms of amenorrhea
thyroid disorders
vitamin deficiencies

Frequently asked questions

How do I know I can trust the algorithm

Our certified diagnostic software was developed by reproductive endocrinologists and is based on guidelines from the European and American societies for reproductive medicine. All of our diagnoses and treatment recommendations are made according to proven scientific evidence from years of research in the field of reproductive health. We make both diagnoses and suspected diagnoses. Suspected diagnoses need to be confirmed with further tests performed by a specialist. We will provide you with additional information needed to approve our diagnoses and recommendations.

What are the prerequisites for my patient to use the LEVY Fertility Code?

- your patient should be between 20 - 48 years old - your patient should have an uterus - your patient should live in the USA - your patient shouldn’t have used hormonal contraception for at least three months

Does the LEVY Fertility Code have FDA approval?

The LEVY Fertility Code classifies as a clinical decision supporting software and is exempt from FDA approval under FDA-2017-D-6569.

Can I modify the recommended biomarkers?

It’s only possible to deselect biomarkers, not add new ones. To do so, click on “My Tasks” and “Approve lab requisition”. Here you will find the option “Edit biomarkers”, where you can remove any biomarkers you don’t want to test. Please make sure to add the reason behind your decision if you do this.

What happens after I sign the lab requisition?

After signing the lab requisition form, the patient gets an email saying they can download their lab requisition and go to the lab for their blood draw.

How do I know that my patient’s results & recommendations are ready to review?

As soon as we have your patient’s uploaded test results, our algorithm will start working and create the diagnosis and recommendations. Once this is done you will receive an email informing you that they are ready for your review and approval.


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