What’s the best age to freeze eggs?

Best age to freeze eggs Eizellen Einfrieren

Egg freezing is a way to delay family building and increase your chances of having a biological child at a later age, when fertility declines. More and more women today are deciding to freeze their eggs and wait for motherhood. But how successful is it really, and what are the chances you will actually use … Read more

How egg freezing works

Egg freezing has become more popular in recent years as women have kids later in life than ever before. It’s a method of fertility preservation that allows you to put off family building. Frozen-thawed eggs are then used for in vitro fertilization (IVF) once you’re ready for pregnancy. If you’re considering freezing your eggs, it’s … Read more

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Who is freezing their eggs and why? 4 common reasons for egg freezing

Reasons for egg freezing

In the 1980s, the average American woman had her first child at age 23, according to data from the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention. But times have changed, and education and career opportunities for women have improved.  Today, fewer women are having babies in their early 20s, and birth rates among women in their … Read more

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