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Decoding your fertility

LEVY Health takes the guessing out of your fertility journey. In just a few weeks, learn why you’re not getting pregnant and get a custom action plan to build the family of your dreams.

Medically certified. Efficient. Tailored to you.

How it works

Struggling to conceive? You’re not alone.

1 in 6

Couples have difficulties getting pregnant.

4.5 years

Average time it takes to get diagnosed for health conditions that cause fertility problems.


Of couples dealing with infertility seek medical help far too late.

We’re changing this

Access the expert reproductive health care you deserve and get tailored support to increase your chances of a healthy pregnancy in the shortest possible time.

Here’s how it works

Step by step, the LEVY Fertility Code gets to the bottom of why you’re not conceiving. At the end, you’ll get a treatment plan custom made for your unique body.
LEVY Health – medizinischer Fragebogen

Reproductive Health Assessment

Developed by fertility doctors and grounded in decades of scientific research, our smart virtual reproductive health assessment considers all the possible reasons underlying your struggle to conceive and adapts in real-time as you answer.


Get a blood test

Based on your answers and according to diagnostic guidelines from the European and American societies for reproductive medicine, we determine which blood levels should be tested so that our doctors can make a complete fertility diagnosis. Choose one of our partner labs near you (Berlin, Frankfurt, Hamburg, Hannover, Cologne, Munich, Stuttgart) to have your blood drawn.

Heidi Gösslinghoff

Meet your fertility doctor

When your lab results are in, you’ll have a video call with one of our doctors to discuss in detail why you haven’t been able to get pregnant and the next steps to help you conceive. We are happy to answer all of your questions and want to ensure you feel fully supported.


Begin holistic treatment

Continue your fertility journey by following a personalized therapy plan designed specifically for your body and lifestyle. You can always access your diagnosis and treatment recommendations in your LEVY Health profile.

Start decoding your fertility

Find out why you're not getting pregnant in just a few weeks.

LEVY in the News

View Caroline’s fertility analysis

Curious how a real LEVY Health profile looks? Take a look at our co-founder’s profile!

A few years ago, Caroline was diagnosed with early-stage ovarian cancer, which inspired her to think more about her reproductive health. The LEVY Fertility Code recognized that she had a light stage of PCOS and a thyroid disorder. Although she’s not ready to have children just yet, she knows what to do when the time comes.

Enter your email to see her fertility results and what they mean for her egg reserve and family planning timeline.

What you get with the LEVY Fertility Code

Personalisierte Fruchtbarkeitsanalyse

We don’t believe in one-size-fits-all. You and your fertility are unique – and so is your experience with LEVY.


Our fertility doctors and expert coaches are here to support you every step of the way. Let’s decode your fertility together.


Comprehensive, medically certified diagnostics save you valuable time and money on your fertility journey.

Individuelle Behandlung

You’ll walk away from LEVY with a holistic therapy plan and treatment recommendations made for you and only you.

LEVY Health Schwanger werden

Why now is the best time to decode your fertility

When it comes to fertility, time is of the essence. The sooner you find out why you’re not conceiving and start treatment, the higher your chances are to have a healthy pregnancy.

But accessing fertility experts can be difficult and diagnostics can take ages – taking up your precious time (and money!). LEVY Health is the fastest way to get the answers and help you need to start your family.

€ 399with the LEVY Fertility Code

What’s included in our price?

We believe in total transparency, which is why we want to show you exactly what you get when you choose LEVY as your partner for fertility care.

LEVY Fertility Code

What’s included?

Access to the LEVY Fertility Code (LFC), care support, and 1:1 doctors consultation

€ 242.12

Blood Diagnostics & Testing

€ 156.88

Total Price

€ 399.00

One of the reasons I’m testing my fertility with LEVY is to understand the root cause of my trouble conceiving and learn in-depth about my reproductive health.


30 years old, LEVY Health user

Leonie's story

I went to several doctors and none of them thought I could have PCOS. Thanks to LEVY Health’s diagnosis, I know how to take action.


32 years old, LEVY Health user

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fertility story julia

LEVY gave me simple and clear information about my fertility within a very short time. Now I feel confident that I’ve done everything possible, and can be more relaxed about my fertility journey.


33 years old, LEVY Health user

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