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to LEVY.

We are the first digital platform for holistic fertility medicine.

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You've been trying to get pregnant for a while?

The LEVY Fertility Code analyzes your fertility & helps increase your chance of pregnancy.

With us you get:
  • a medical fertility analysis
  • individual blood diagnostics (incl. basic hormone diagnostic)
  • a video consultation with a fertility doctor
  • the cause of your unfulfilled desire to have children & clear therapy recommendations

START DIAGNOSTICS NOWSTART DIAGNOSTICS NOWFind out why you're not getting pregnant in just a few weeks. If you're currently based outside of Germany, please get in touch at [email protected], and we'll reach out when we're live in your region.

“With our LEVY Fertility Code, a CE-certified medical device, we help you to find out the causes of your fertility problems in the shortest possible time.”
– Theresa Vilsmaier, MD

This is how LEVY fertility diagnostics works:


Fertility Analysis.

A questionnaire developed by our infertility doctors, which adapts in real-time to you and your current situation.


Blood Diagnostics.

From over 80 biomarkers, the LEVY Fertility Code recommends the blood values we need for a correct diagnosis – economical & time-saving!
You go to one of our partner labs and have your blood drawn.
We receive the values and our algorithm analyzes the cause of your fertility problem.


Diagnosis and
further steps.

Now we have identified the cause of your unfulfilled desire to have children and created a suitable treatment plan, you can discuss the next steps with one of our doctors in an online video consultation”.

Have you been trying to get pregnant for several months now?
We're here for you!

A fertility diagnosis is clearly recommended if:
  • you are 35 years old or older & have been trying to get pregnant for more than 6 months
  • you are under 35 years old & have been trying to get pregnant for more than 1 year
A fertility analysis is not meaningful if:
  • you have stopped using hormonal contraception in the last 3 months
So let's get started!

You are not alone.

One in 7 couples has difficulty getting pregnant. According to the World Health Organization, you are already “infertile” if you have been trying to get pregnant for more than 6 months*.

Yet 75% of couples seek medical advice from experts too late.

*If you are over 35 years old. If you’re under 35, a 12-month period applies.

Did you know that in 70% of infertility diagnoses, lifestyle changes or taking medication can increase your chance of getting pregnant?

We'll help you with that.

That's what the experts say:

"Although time is one of the most important components when trying to conceive, many couples often seek medical help far too late. One of the reasons for this is that couples do not know where to seek help in the first place. What is missing here is a product such as LEVY, which offers innovative and individually adapted guideline-based fertility diagnostics, while identifying suitable therapy paths. LEVY supports couples in finding the right treatment path for them."

Dr. med. Theresa Vilsmaier

Specialist in Gynaecologist & Obstetrics

"With LEVY, patients are in the best hands to quickly identify the cause of their infertility. In the event that infertility treatment is necessary, patients are well prepared and save themselves a lot of time."

Dr. med. Florian Götze

Reproductive Physician & Gynaecologist FMH360° Kinderwunsch Zentrum Zurich


Clinical Quality.

The LEVY Fertility Code is a CE registered medical device according to European standards.

Data security.

Your data is protected and processed in accordance with GDPR.

By women, for women

Our algorithms learn and provide important insights to
enable early diagnostics.



Your added value:
  • a medical fertility analysis in the form of an online questionnaire based on medical guidelines
  • individual blood diagnostics
  • a video consultation with one of our infertility doctors
  • the cause of your unfulfilled desire to have children & clear therapy recommendations

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For years we have been fighting for contraception. Now it's time to fight for fertility.

With the LEVY Fertility Code, we have developed an innovative, evidence-based diagnostic tool that can decipher the cause of your unfulfilled desire to have a child. Take your desire for a child into your own hands with LEVY (and let our knowledgeable team of experts support you).



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