The fastest path to diagnosing conditions that affect fertility.

Experience the first clinical decision support system for healthcare practitioners and increase the quality of reproductive health

The LEVY Fertility Code goes beyond testing basic hormones and screens patients for 65 health conditions that can impact fertility.

of users have been diagnosed with a previously unknown condition
conditions are diagnosed on average per patient
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What you can test for

With LEVY Health, you save significant time diagnosing up to 65 conditions, such as:

blood clotting disorders
up to 8 different forms of amenorrhea
thyroid disorders
insulin resistance
reduced ovarian reserve
premature ovarian insufficiency
immunology disorders

Evidence-based diagnostic recommendations you can trust –
because your patients deserve the best.

The LEVY Fertility Code classifies as a clinical decision supporting software and is exempt from FDA approval under FDA-2017-D-6569. In the European Union, the LEVY Fertility Code is classified as a Software-as-a-Medical-Device and certified according to the In-vitro-diagnostic directive 98/79/EC (SNL: LFC202109). Developed by reproductive endocrinologists according to guidelines published by the ASRM and ESHRE and more than a hundred studies on fecundity, health economics, and reproductive health education.

Here’s how it works

The LEVY Fertility Code is available to doctors in select states who offer their patients access to our software as part of their care

Step 1

Patients fill out a smart questionnaire on their medical history

Based on their answers, the LEVY Fertility Code assesses their risk for conditions that impact fertility and generates a custom set of biomarkers to test.

Step 2

LEVY Health sends you a lab requisition form in real-time

You review your patient’s recommended blood tests and approve their lab requisition form, which they can take to the lab of choice.

Step 3

Patients upload their test results to their LEVY Health profile

Once your patient gets their results from the lab, they upload them to their secure profile for the LEVY Fertility Code to analyze.

Step 4

LEVY Health provides diagnostic and treatment recommendations

In your LEVY Health dashboard, you see evidence-based suggestions for diagnoses and therapy, which you can discuss with your patient. You give the final approval.

Reach out to the LEVY Health team for a demonstration of the LEVY Fertility Code
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How LEVY Health can help your practice

Enhance reproductive health outcomes
Improve clinical staff efficiency
Strengthen patient relationships
Avoid unnecessary delays
Improve clinical staff efficiency
Increase quality of care

Frequently asked questions

How do I know I can trust the algorithm?

Our certified diagnostic software was developed by reproductive endocrinologists and is based on guidelines from the European and American societies for reproductive medicine. All of our diagnoses and treatment recommendations are made according to proven scientific evidence from years of research in the field of reproductive health. We make both diagnoses and suspected diagnoses. Suspected diagnoses need to be confirmed with further tests performed by a specialist. We will provide you with additional information needed to approve our diagnoses and recommendations.

Does the LEVY Fertility Code have FDA approval?

The LEVY Fertility Code classifies as a clinical decision supporting software and is exempt from FDA approval under FDA-2017-D-6569.

What are the potential risks for my patient?

There is very little risk to patients when using the LEVY Fertility Code. But there’s a very unlikely chance for the following to happen:

  • Incorrect or insufficient recommendation generated due to software errors of the LEVY Fertility Code
  • Incorrect or insufficient recommendation generated due to patient input error
  • Incorrect or insufficient recommendation generated due to input errors by the health care professional
  • Late recommendation generated due to delayed or unclear lab results

Who can help me if I have a question about my Dashboard or the LEVY Fertility Code in general?

If you have any questions about your Dashboard or the LEVY Fertility Code, please contact our Care Team by emailing [email protected] or calling +1 (415)-969-3373. We are here to help you!


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